Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beautiful, Brown Eyed, Brindle Boy!

This is by far the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time. Granted I had pups growing up. Ya know, the family dog. Never my own dog.

I think my desire to have my own dog kicked in a couple years ago but didnt really sink in as a "start looking and go get one" desire til this last January. 2013 started off rough for me and I started feeling a void. I lost my childhood dog, Baylee, a grumpy fluffball pomeranian that we had since I was in 4th grade. How the hell old are you in 4th grade and I'm 25 now, hmm. Oh well, whatever. We had him a LONG time lol. He was old and his health was deteriorating and never got any better. Best choice for him was to let him go. And we did. I was always connected to that dog, we just had that special bond. Even though he was the "family" dog, he always took to me. Once he was gone, I didn't have a dog anymore.
Then I was in the middle of a living situation that ended somewhat messy. Stresser! Then at the same time I had my first surgery (EVER) to remove a cyst on my left ovary and it was sheer and utter HELL. I was on bedrest forever and it sucked. So loss of my special friend, Baylee, then a surgery? Way to pull a double wammy..

As if the loss of Baylee and a portion of my ovary wasnt enough, I then lost the most special woman in my life (besides my mama) on the first of February. I was and still am really upset over it and I will never get over a loss like that. She raised me and my sisters and COUNTLESS others in my family. She was like my second mother and was there for my sisters and I since DAY ONE.

I felt this huge gapeing hole in my heart and I just couldn't deal. It was like Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three, YOU'RE OUT. I felt that I had struck out in this part of that life mumbo jumbo I was talking about in the previous post.

My mom said I really didn't need a dog- too expensive, no time, etc. I don't think anyone but me understood how bad I wanted to have another dog, but this time, mine and Babygirl's dog. I wanted a four legged companion since I had lost my Baylee, my ovary, and my Grandmother and I just wanted my dream to have my own pet to come true. Babygirl had been begging me as well to have her own furry, four legged friend. She is an only child and I am her only playmate. I thought that if she would be happy with a little friend of her own.

It was just time.

I looked and looked and looked some more. Stalking Craig's List ads, PetFinder and Oregon Humane Society websites just looking for the perfect pup to own.

Miraculously, I found Burton. A young chick in town had a dog that had a litter of 5 Rott/Pit/Blue Heeler mix pups that are 2 months old. She was asking a price that I just could not pass up. I texted her and spoke with her about buying one of her pups. Sadly, my first pic was rehomed right after I texted her. Then my second choice (Burton) was still up for grabs. Well perfect- only not. I had to wait til payday to come 3 days after I initially texted her. It was a 50/50 chance that she'd still have him by then. (___Insert more life crap here___).

Well. Payday day came around (money, money, money... MONEY!) and I figured "What the hell, I'll just text her for sh!ts and giggles and see if she has him still." What was the worst she was gonna say? That he was gone already? If he was, I'd still be in the same ship and rerouting to find my missing treasure.

"He's still here."

I read in amazement and went right to her house with one of my besties to go get him. Uh-maze-ing! I was ecstatic and on cloud nine. I went to go get him and surprised Babygirl with him and we took him home. He took his first bath and did so well. Ate some grub and went on potty break. Bed time after ward on his little camo blanket (my dog for sure with that camo!) and his duckie to shred (For all us Oregon State fans, Pluck the Ducks & Go Beavs!). He is so mellow, quiet and cuddly and Babygirl loves him so much. He's her little "Piggy Wiggy" as she likes to call him. Freakin cute!

Day #2 and he is still just as sweet as ever. We have lots of puppy training in the works. :)

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