Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving + puppies + kitties = allergies

Oh. Em. Gee. Seriously feeling it today. This weekend rolled by so fast (so I apologize for not posting) and I am ex-haus-ted!

Saturday was a busy day- woke up early and did a Dutch run then went and helped the (new) Roomie pack. I swear, now I remember why I try to reside in one home for a long period of time!

I was in a toss up about whether I wanted to have another roommate because Babygirl and I were so happy on our own- just the two of us. The last roommate and I butted heads too much and I told her it was time for us to part ways. I was also looking to get in a smaller, actual "house" for me and Babygirl. I want a yard for her and Burton, somewhere they can play. Somewhere where we don't have to find "visitor" parking if someone takes my assigned spot. A place that doesn't have neighbors above, to the side and below us...

Emotionally I was happy with just Babygirl, Burton and I. Financially, it was draining me. Every dollar I have goes to rent, groceries, bills. Summer is here and I want to be able to go out and about with the kiddo and the pup. I was happy that I was possibly getting a roommate.

The roommate was in a situation she needed out of and I was needing someone to be a roommate and help with rent payments and things of that nature. Financially it helps us both out and we can build our savings by splitting the cost of rents. I feel at ease right now. My financial stress has lessened so I can actually be able to do things for my little one, like giving her an amazing 5th birthday party for example.

Roomie and I know we arent going to live together forever and that our arrangement is a temporary and month to month thing. Which makes it less stress for her AND me. But move in day was exciting, and all sorts of crazy busy, running back and forth, back and forth. (Thank God she only lived right across the highway!)

Babygirl, the pup and I all went to her house and helped pack. Got some of my moving peeps to come help move the bigger items. It was a crazy, chaotic mad house for us lol. Burton was overwhelmed with all the people and trafficing going throughout the house but he just sat and watched. Move in complete!


Now it was followed by news of a grand-daddy's heart attack, a barbeque and then a farewell get together for a "Schwab Boy." I felt on edge, paranoid about "Big Papa" as kiddo and I call him. He is my only grandparent left and he is so important to our family. Everytime he gets sick, I worry. He is one of the most sweetest, genuine, giving people I have ever had the honor in knowing. I just got word that he is doing well and is waiting for results on his "nuke" test. We're praying hard and thanks for your prayers everyone, please keep them comin! <3

I was a mix of sadness but happy as well- I was excited that I had summer's first barbeque and I actually grilled on the barbequer! Who'da thunk I could barbeque chicken and not set the place on fire lol.

Also the "farewell party" was lots of laughs, yelling and intoxication BUT best wishes to the "Schwab Boy" who is moving on to bigger things and beginning his life's next chapter! We all hope that things work out for him and that he has the best of luck.

Allergies then attacked and have been a constant 3 days of sheer HELL. Between the flowers, dust in moving, Burton and Roomie's kitty, Kilo, I am all out of whack and was a nervous, emotional roller coaster wondering how Papa's doing. Sunday was day at the park, our day of rest. Very uneventful and just lounged around.

Now here it is Monday energy drained and sleep deprived at my desk. Allergies have attacked the girls here at work too, so it will be a very quiet day...
A much needed, quiet day indeed.

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