Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pearly Whites

Where has the damn time gone? I swear just yesterday my Babygirl was a little bundle with no teeth and a binky...

...Now she is almost 5 years old with a mouthful of chompers.

Our first attempt at toothbrushing occured when she was approx. 3 years old. She wasn't havin it. No way Jose. She loved eating the toothpaste but wouldn't let me brush. As time went by, she started learning "Mommy brushes her teeth" so she struck a little more interest. Let's be honest- Mommy doesnt just brush her teeth. Mommy is straight up obsessed and OCD'ed when it comes to teeth. I will literally take 30 minutes or so to do my teething rituals. Brush, floss, brush, swish. Rinse and repeat...

I had hoped Babygirl would be a bit more interested in her teething rituals since she sees me obsessing over something in my teeth, their not white enough, not straight enough... I need a longer blog post for the things I could say about my "pearly whites."

So here I am with a 5 year old who struggles with interest in dental health and why she has to do it and what happens if you dont brush. I've tried "cooler" toothpaste, charactered toothbrushes... You name it- I've been there, done that. Also tried the mythical stories about what happens if you neglect your dental hygiene:

"Bugs will live in your teeth."

"You're teeth will hurt."

"You're teeth will turn yellow and fall out."

NO MATTER WHAT I say, no motivation. Baby steps, baby steps...

While we call them "baby steps," I'm thinkin we're literally moving slower than snails. I didn't think she was even actually brushing when I would ask her "Are you even really brushing- or just foolin around with the toothpaste?" She yells down the hall that "I AM Mom, I'm almost done."

Here I was seeking motivating tactics for getting her to brush her toofers and underestimating my 5 year old. (Mom of the Year award goes to...)

She went to her check up with her pediatrician and he strongly suggested taking her in for a dental checkup and lets face it. It was time. I scheduled her an appointment with a dentist and she refused to go. (Stubborn kid, dont know where she gets that...)

So I drug her along to her appointment and when we get there, she is PSYCHED enjoying the children's scenery and other children who were going to the dentist as well. From there, she noticed that she was NOT the ONLY child going to get their teeth checked on.
She did an AMAZING job and I couldnt have been more proud of her. The dental assistant was so kind, comforting, and put her at ease while showing her all her cool tools that help make your teeth healthy. She didnt cry and calmed down instantly. She thought it was the coolest experience.

All the while, I realized she was brushing her teeth the whole time and she put me in my place when the dentist told me her x-rays came back "perfectly fine, no cavities and keep her brushing."

Say cheeeese! :)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! It's like one second your kids are super tiny, and the next they're too heavy to hold up. Hahaha! Anyway, your little girl did an amazing job. I guess you had nothing to worry about because she is cavity free. Good for her! Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

    Elfrieda Sevigny