Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lincoln City with the Gambles!

Photos from our mid-week R&R trip to Lincoln City. We went with my favorite lady, Miss Sarah and her lovely beauties, Ava & Norah. We went berry picking at Baggenstos Farms on the way out of town and then made our way down the road and all stayed in their gorgeous beach house.

The trip was completely perfect. It was everything we could have needed and wanted; best friend girl time at the beach with amazing weather. Chi Chi and her friends got to have the extended play date and sleep over they've been begging for and Miss Sarah and I got to just hang out and relax. So blessed to have these amazing, loving people in our lives and so thankful we got to go with them! <3

The Baggenstos Farm Store and a view from the berry fields.

Fishing game.

Getting bundled up to go to the beach.


  Some shots of the beach.

Best friends; Malia & Ava.

Sweet pea; Norah.

 Malia found rocks and sticks.

"So I'm gonna anchor down- wait'll it comes around. Leave the rest of the world behind. Yeah, that's how I'll pass the time...Til I catch my Second Wind, get back up and gain control again. Find the strength I lost back when you stopped lovin me. I guess I'll just stay out here until I know the coast is clear; Sit and watch the tide roll in- til I catch my Second Wind." -Darryl Worley.


Left: Malia & the gorgeous beach house.
Right: Norah & I layin' around.

View from the deck of the beach house.
Malia played so hard, time for night night.

Left: Malia sunk in the giraffe bean bags.
Right: Amazing breakfast; breakfast burritos and some coffee!

Beach time!
Top Left: Me completely at peace in the Oregon waves.
Right: Norah burying her little toes.

My amazing friend, Miss Sarah & beautiful, Ava.

Malia wrote her name in the sand and was ready to build sandcastles!

Playtime in the sand by the sea!


Beautiful Ava, using her amazing imagination in the sand.

Playing sand tag.

Ventured through Surftides on the way back from the beach.

Hung up the towels, put dry clothes on and they all then they all conked out.
Left: Wings Club. [I don't know exactly what that is, but they kept playing it lol].
Right: Me & my shameless, no makeup & all sun-kissed skin.

Really cool playground to burn energy before the trip home.

Stump chair!
[Life size] Salmon mural at the base of the playground.

Left: Malia & I in the stump chair.
Right: Park dragon made out of recycled aluminum and old tires.

Loved the tire swing! Definitely have to have one someday for me... And her!

Closing with a view of the Oregon Coast, counting my blessings.  
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